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Ahad Bokhari

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What I'll be Looking at in 2019, and So Should You

January 18, 2019  ·

2019 is upon us and the demand for front-end, full-stack and JavaScript developers is huge. Let's take a quick looks at the trends you should be taking very seriously in 2019. Start learning by writing a little code as you get to know them

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Hooks - Classes Confuse Both People & Machines, says React. I Say, Classes Confuse JavaScript

November, 21, 2018  ·

Not another post on how to use hooks, but kinda cool to see React is moving away from classes, admitting people might still struggle with class level components vs functional components. To the wise, classes and 'new' have plagued JavaScript's prototypal and functional nature

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Testing & Analysis Paralysis

November 03, 2018  ·

Prefer simplicity and use TAP (Test Anything Protocol) to minimize analysis paralysis. Just get on with it

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Software Programming Under Pressure

September 12, 2018  ·

Effects of coding while under pressure

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Revel In Simplicity, or Simple Can Be Powerful

August 23, 2018  ·

Thinking about the `complicated-is-beautiful mindset`. A surprising amount of people like keeping things difficult

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Data Binding, One-Time, One-Way & Two-Way

September 10, 2017  ·

Understanding data binding is fundamental to building SPA's. Some prefer two-way data binding, while others hate it. Learn a little more about the binding techniques in modern javascript applications

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June 15, 2017  ·

Managing application state, a problem and challenge everyone has. Whether or not you agree that concepts around managing state are useful and which create more complex apps, it's important to understand this exciting concept

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Metaprogramming in JavaScript

April 15, 2017  ·

ES6 comes with a set of features that aid in metaprogramming, but not much has been written about them. I'd like to briefly touch base on reflection and introspection whilst opening doors for further posts detailing ES6 Proxy, Symbol and Reflect.

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Eking Out New Tools

April 03, 2017  ·

Our love of tools has led to a mindset where we constantly feel the need to seek and eek out the next great tool no matter what the cost

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The Knowledge Provocateur

March. 28, 2017  ·

Too much configuration, too many API's. Avoid this sisyphean ordeal - you can succeed without people throwing knowledge at you and promising it will solve all your problems

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Classes vs. Prototype

March. 24, 2017  ·

JavaScript uses prototypes, but new ES6 implementations also uses the traditional class keyword. What's the real difference between the two?

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The Gorilla, Banana Problem

March. 08, 2017  ·

The original quote by the creator of Erlang stating that OO languages come with this implicit environment that they carry around with them. Thank goodness I live in the functional world!

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What Routers Do

Feb. 09, 2016  ·

What routers do in general, from a modern component driven application's perspective

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Yarn as a Drop-in Substitute to NPM

Jan. 04, 2016  ·

From Bower to NPM, to now Yarn - a package management tool which boasts a better workflow. A couple of bullets on why I like Yarn.

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Things I've Discovered & Have Been Thinking About Lately

Nov. 10, 2016  ·

Keeping up with the Joneses and the rapid pace of front-end development. Random thoughts on modern day trends and a list of discoveries that might add value to your repertoire

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