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Ahad Bokhari

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The Knowledge Provocateur

March. 28, 2017  ·

Too much configuration, too many API's. Avoid this sisyphean ordeal - you can succeed without people throwing knowledge at you and promising it will solve all your problems

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Classes vs. Prototype

March. 24, 2017  ·

JavaScript uses prototypes, but new ES6 implementations also uses the traditional class keyword. What's the real difference between the two?

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The Gorilla, Banana Problem

March. 08, 2017  ·

The original quote by the creator of Erlang stating that OO languages come with this implicit environment that they carry around with them. Thank goodness I live in the functional world!

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What Routers Do

Feb. 09, 2016  ·

What routers do in general, from a modern component driven application's perspective

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Yarn as a Drop-in Substitute to NPM

Jan. 04, 2016  ·

From Bower to NPM, to now Yarn - a package management tool which boasts a better workflow. A couple of bullets on why I like Yarn.

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Things I've Discovered & Have Been Thinking About Lately

Nov. 10, 2016  ·

Keeping up with the Joneses and the rapid pace of front-end development. Random thoughts on modern day trends and a list of discoveries that might add value to your repertoire

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On Shipping Working Software

Oct 30, 2016  ·

It's not easy shipping good software, it takes alot of thought, planning and effort. Good thing is you can learn the essential skills to craft working software

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Angular 2 vs. React

Oct. 24, 2016  ·

Comparing Angular 2 to the React ecosytem by taking a deeper dive into each technology's advantages & disadvantages. Note, these two hold the most market value; surprisingly jQuery still takes third place in popularity and value

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Asynchronous JavaScript

Oct. 12, 2016  ·

A recollection of different asynchronous techniques in modern day and future JavaScript with some examples (callbacks, Promises, async, generators) to reflect upon

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Thoughts on TypeScript

Oct. 02, 2016  ·

I was surprised to see myself like alot of what TypeScript has to offer, but pondered over the disruption it could cause to vanilla ECMAScript driven JavaScript if communities chose to adopt and embrace it

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CommonJS Require vs ES6 Import

Sept. 24, 2016  ·

CommonJs's require syntax will be around for a while, but will we see ES6 modules in Node.js. Explore a little history as you go forth...

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Lesser Known Github Repositories & Node Modules You Should Know About

Sept. 11, 2016  ·

Selected repositories and modules that you can easily reason about and build more advanced things upon. Some docs as well :)

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Some Coding Lessons

August 22, 2016  ·

Be a more productive coder by understanding these principles and trying to apply them to your craft on an everyday basis

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IIAF - Immediately Invoked Arrow Function

July 23, 2016  ·

A common pattern seen in ES5 were IIFE's, but this pattern isn't dead in ES6 which introduces the IIAF

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Pumpers and Dumpers

July 02, 2016  ·

An annoying behavior seen by internet users to gain the appearance of popularity on any given social platform

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