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Ahad Bokhari

In the Digital World, Information has no Ego

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I liked this quote by Bruce Perens, a specialist in Open Source and Open Data, and it got me thinking.

It’s not about ego. Really. If it was ego, I’d be telling you about my awesome… oh, never mind.

  • Bruce Perens

We’ve all seen various egos in our daily life, with our bosses, coworkers and friends. However this short rant isn’t about the human ego (that’s a whole topic in itself), it’s simply about information which eventually translates to 0’s and 1’s (the matrix effect) and in its most restricted technical meaning, information is an ordered sequence of symbols.

Ask yourself this question. Why am I on Twitter, or FriendFeed or Google Reader? For most people it’s about easy access to the stream of information that surrounds us. Sure we’re there to engage also but the gobs of information always come first.

That said to me the end and b all isn’t just influence, which at times can be missappropriated, misunderstood even over-rated at times. It’s just about absorbing good old information.

So as we journey in this thing called life, take a look around and start appreciating the information around you. Information will never turn on you when you most need it, it will always be there 24/7/365.

Absorb, learn and respect it.