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Ahad Bokhari

Think of it as a Business

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“I believe for the first time in our history, entrepreneurship is now a viable career” - Eric Ries

I’ve met all types of people over the years in my profession. Business analysts, project managers, designers, front end devs, programmers and even those who were just trying to get by. All in all I have met some extremely talented people who not only excel at their craft but are also driven to be the best in their business. They understand quality, what it means to ship a product, how to self start and most of all how to finish properly.

What’s remarkable to me is that many of these talented individuals hardly think of themselves as a real commodity in their careers and are happy to work for the man day in and out. I’m not saying that anything is wrong with having a career or day job, one in which you are comfortable in and can grow with. What I’m saying is this economy can be a double edged sword and having another income can be a great way to earn some extra cash, create more visibility and keep doing what you are passionate about. Consider it as a side project.

I suppose it depends from individual to individual, on scoped time and alot of other variables as well. Entrepreneurs possess similar qualities if you look around and so do freelancers (and their are alot of great freelancers out there without registered companies). Hell, you could even get yourself a remote team or office to work for you for peanuts these days.

##Registering your Business & Thinking Big

You can easily register your business, keep your day job, stay agile and continue looking for clients. Just Google it if you’re interested and start looking into the documents needed, what sort of entity you would like to be and other considerations. It might just change your life and I’ll tell you it will definitely change how you look at things.

If you’re a freelancer rethink your business strategy and where you want to be in the next two years. There are more benefits of introducing yourself as a company than they are as a freelancer. Some will argue the aformentioned statement and it depends on how you sell it and to whom - they’ll say it’s going just fine for them, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. I won’t argue and would just like to give you another perspective, how would you know if you don’t try?

It could take you towards your own consultancy gig, or springboard you into a completely new niche. The prospects are limitless.

Are you willing to be your own hero? You could be sitting at the beach sipping a margarita for the rest of your life :-)