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Ahad Bokhari

Push Through Fear

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Fear is an emotion we’re all familiar with, some more than others. Depending on the situation you might listen to what fear is telling you and react, other times you don’t and it renders you helpless. Fear is an emotion I try and control, thwart if you may. Fear is something we’re not comfortable with and pushing past it helps me stay out of my comfort zone. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment, confidence and helps me move in new directions; directions I wouldn’t have dreamt of being in.

The context I’m using fear in is growth and progression. Progression at work, a new career, project, venture, some code that you’re working on; even if you really like a girl but have a fear of rejection. Fear holds us back, fear is the greatest demotivator and forces us to take a step back and never return to face the issue at hand.

Life moves through a new dimension through each experience we live and we grow successful because of it. If not then we would stagnate and remain at the exact same position in time. Worse we could regress because of it.

Fear is natural and to be expected. The only thing to do to push through fear is to take action and overcome the excuses we make in our heads. Let’s start doing that and start controlling our thoughts and future. Imagine how great it will feel to have conquered those fears instead of being at the mercy of them?