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Ahad Bokhari

Signal - The State of JavaScript I

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Lot’s of posts on ES6, but this particular one by Domenic Denicola details Generators & Template strings:

ES6: The Awesome Parts

The next version of JavaScript, ES6, is starting to arrive. Many of its features are simple enhancements to the language we already have: things like arrow functions, class syntax, and destructuring. But other features will change the way we program JavaScript, fundamentally expanding the capabilities of the language and reshaping our future codebases. In this talk we’ll focus on two of these, discovering the the myriad possibilities of generators and the many tricks you can pull of with template strings.

On Wired:

New Foundation will oversee popular coding tool Node.js

Together with Microsoft, the Linux Foundation, IBM, PayPal, and Fidelity, the current steward, Joyent, is launching an independent foundation to oversee development of the project.

We will see a continuation of this trend well past 2015:

The State of JavaScript in 2015

The JavaScript world seems to be entering a crisis of churn rate. Frameworks and technologies are being pushed out and burned through at an unsustainable speed. But I think the community will adapt and adopt new practices in response. Developers will move, I believe, from monolithic frameworks like Angular.js and Ember to a ‘pick n mix’ of small, dedicated libraries to mitigate the risk of churn and to allow solutions to different concerns to compete separately.

ECMA 6 implementation is rolling out and the standard is targeting ratification around June 2015 (this year). You should also read about some of the new features.

ECMAScript 6

For the past few months I’ve been exclusively writing ECMAScript 6 code by taking advantage of transpilation[1] to a currently supported version of JavaScript.

Microsoft will have to play nice and not try and strong arm other browsers - can we expect a certain degree of standard compliancy from the giant? It seems they are taking this more seriously, especially under Satya’s new belt:

The birth of Microsoft’s new web rendering engine

We believe the break from IE’s past we’ve made to create a new rendering engine will help make the browsing experience for our customers better, and make building Web sites that just work across browsers easier for Web developers.