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Ahad Bokhari

The Knowledge Provocateur

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We’re on our computers everyday, we learn from videos, online tutorials and pay for services that boast to teach us how to code. Often we inspire ourselves by reading blog posts of giants which in turn make us feel great too. Throughout this internet journey we’re continuously bombarded with people telling us that we can’t succeed without buying their services, or by making small payments to buy this service will help us overcome obstacles and give us all the answers to our solutions.

Most of the time people are seeking answers to our problems or solutions, and it’s within that vulnerable state that we do things that create an illusion of progress.

Ultimately, you don’t need any more knowledge or books or videos to learn from. The only thing stopping you from your goal is putting your head down and doing the work. Many of us are swayed into a completely different path as we do anything but start working on what we need to be working on.

I’ve seen this pattern over and over, not just with the people around me, but at times with me myself. The best thing you can do is to learn to think how to break things down so not to feel overwhelmed by creating tasks and then smaller tasks.

Celebrate small victories that open the possibilites of actual progression and a feeling of accomplishment. Feed your mind with confidence, and inevitably you will ascertain your goals.

Give it a try.