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Ahad Bokhari

Revel In Simplicity, or Simple Can Be Powerful

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I put forth quite some effort to simplify my solutions as to keeping the underlying functionality elegant,but easy for others to read and understand - I feel it’s a tenant of good programming. In reality however asurprising number of people like things to be difficult. I never realized it, but we meet these people in your everyday work places; if you’ve ever taken over a code-base that you felt had been way over complicated then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

..again, let me reiterate that a surprising amount of people like to keep things difficult — with that difficulty in mind comes more complexity. Sometimes I think it’s purposefully created for job security?

What i’ve been thinking about is that there are varying definitions of simplicity. One definitiino embodies simple that equals consistent logic and functionality. The other definition might actually think that things should be easy to use. If you’ve been writing alot of JavaScript like I have, then you know that everyone has an opinion on the simple use of syntax (which mind you has varying forms) to create a script.

What simplicity does not mean to me is lack of functionality, no matter which way the syntax was written. In this way simple can be powerful and mean a fast learning curve with consideration for the concepts that one needs to understand. Therefore my derivation of simplicity is the goal of our designs to be easy to learn, easy to read, but have a built-in path to higher proficiency.