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Ahad Bokhari


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Thanks for taking the time to stop by, my name is Ahad and I'm still on this incredible journey on the web since i built my first table based web page in 1999.
It's been near 20 years since then and things have changed exponentially in the world of the web. At my day job I'm a Senior UI/JavaScript Software Engineer
and spend time working with mainly React, Redux and Node building single page applications - I'm grateful to everyone who have made it possible for developers
like myself to forge respectable careers out of writing software for the web. It's been changes to web technologies like JavaScript from the community that have
helped us grow both in our careers and skills.

Time has led me to believe and appreciate the fact that limitations are products of our imaginations and thinking, this forms my strong belief that anything is possible.
I think we all have stories to tell about how we learned to program and how we failed only to be self inspired to try again and again. For me that self-inspiration has been
the key to longevity. I've failed many times only to get back on the horse a better programmer.

I like to build things, I love to write tested software and have been blogging intermittently since around 2005. I'm a staunch advocate of open source and try to
contribute to the community as much as time permits. After working for many years I've had an epiphany, if you're going to make a career coding for the man
then you might as well take some time to code for yourself - most will say its no fun coding for someone else, therein i have really no opinion, however I will opine t
hat developers need their own stuff to build and nurture. We mostly do that out of office, unless of course you happen to be one of the lucky ones! Some create that luck ….

I've been writing software for the enterprise for some time now and I feel it needs alot of improvement, especially in the open source world and also directly within
the enterprise; I won't get into the why's and what's at this point but my aim is to contribute to this niche in the open source world. Apart from just blogging,
I built to explore more about JavaScript architecture, it's future, and how we can improve our use of it within the enterprise and beyond.

At times I also
curate content from the best niche authors on the web (a habit I picked up years ago) and I hope you enjoy them and continue to journey with me as I explore 2018 and beyond -
I guarantee you the next 5 will be, just as, if not more important than the previous in terms of web innovation, tooling and client side technology.

Happy Coding!

The best way to reach me is:
Otherwise find me online: