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Ahad Bokhari

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Lesser Known Github Repositories & Node Modules You Should Know About

Sept. 11, 2016  ·

Selected repositories and modules that you can easily reason about and build more advanced things upon. Some docs as well :)

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Some Coding Lessons

August 22, 2016  ·

Be a more productive coder by understanding these principles and trying to apply them to your craft on an everyday basis

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IIAF - Immediately Invoked Arrow Function

July 23, 2016  ·

A common pattern seen in ES5 were IIFE's, but this pattern isn't dead in ES6 which introduces the IIAF

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Pumpers and Dumpers

July 02, 2016  ·

An annoying behavior seen by internet users to gain the appearance of popularity on any given social platform

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A 21 Point Path to JavaScript Progression

June 13, 2016  ·

Master the language you love and have fun while you do. Most of all have patience / fun while you strive for constant improvement. Don't rush...

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ES6 - Arrays

June 05, 2016  ·

Exploring some very useful smaller additions to ES6's array.prototype.

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Modern JavaScript Madness

May 22, 2016  ·

JavaScript fatigue

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Some Laws of Software Development

May 12, 2016  ·

Looking at a handful of fundamental principles which can be used to understand and stay aware of phenomena in software development

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ES6 - Modules

April 26, 2016  ·

The beginnings of modules native to the browser environment is one of the most exciting ex6 features. Here are the basics

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April 21, 2016  ·

A gem of a term I discovered earlier that addresses the arguments developers make over little things just because they know enough to do so

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Thoughts on Node

April 10, 2016  ·

I love working with NPM and tools but I can't help continuously thinking about how we might outgrow Node and NPM and replace it with just vanilla JS

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ES6 - Destructuring

April 09, 2016  ·

Just like an object literal is a convenient way to construct an object, ES6 destructing allows you to extract values from data stored in objects or arrays

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Le Brillant Nouvel Objet (The Shiny New Object)

March 23, 2016  ·

The biggest problem in the world of JavaScript is the churn rate and the distraction it causes developers. Are you suffering from this?

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Learn JavaScript in 2016 - Emphasize on Focus

January 02, 2016  ·

A person who can exhibit competence in programming will naturally have more options in todays market. JavaScript - what better place to start

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ES6 - String & Template Literals

January 02, 2016  ·

A personal favorite, template strings are a nifty addition in ES6 to the string object