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Ahad Bokhari

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ES6 - Let and Const

December 28, 2015  ·

ES6 brings us two new keywords for variables which provide us a way to define block scoped variables and constants

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ES6 - Generators

Oct 10, 2015  ·

An exciting feature of ES6 is a new breed of function called the generator - they differ from normal functions with respect to "run to completion"

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Stop Comparing jQuery to AngularJS

July 14, 2015  ·

It's a debate that begets a debate, one is a library that interacts heavily with the DOM and the other a framework that abstracts away the DOM

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ES6 - Arrow Functions

May 22, 2015  ·

Arrow functions are always anonymous functions and have a shorter syntax then their ES5 counterpart

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IIFE Pattern

May 10, 2015'  ·

In short, the IIFE "iffy" pattern is one of the top three modern ways JavaScript users are programming their applications.

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Rudimentary Webstorm Tips

March 04, 2015'  ·

Random thoughts on Webstorm, hands downs the the ultimate IDE for JavaScript

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Signal - The State of JavaScript III

03/25/15'  ·

Cute dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some cute dogs are cute for their adorable faces, others for their tiny stature, and even others for their massive size and some more crap and...

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Signal - The State of JavaScript II

January 03, 2015  ·

As I continue to grow this little blog into a meaningful resource for aspiring JavaScript developers and like minded folks from the industry I'll be posting a signal consisting of just JavaScript news once a week.

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Lexical Scope

March 03, 2015  ·

Lexical scope and the `this` object is fundamental to a competent grasp of JavaScript

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Signal - The State of JavaScript I

February 26, 2015  ·

The next version of JavaScript, ES6, is starting to arrive. Many of its features are simple enhancements to the language we already have things like arrow functions, class syntax, and destructuring.

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Array Surgery - Part 1, The Essentials

February, 21 2015  ·

Arrays are used to store multiple values in a single variable. They are list-like objects, yet their elements aren't fixed; especially when using the `length` property.

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The Lowest Level of JavaScript Comprehension

February 19, 2015  ·

The way I see it many people who apply for jobs are really not qualified, so it's 99% of programmers who apply for jobs that don't get it, but not the 99% who are actually holding a job as developers or programmers

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How / Why Use Objects in JavaScript?

February 13, 2015  ·

Object oriented Programming (OOP) in JavaScript is based on a simple object-based paradigm. The name shouldn't intimidate you as an understanding of objects is cruicial to understanding JavaScript as a whole.

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Reversing a String With JavaScript

February 11, 2015  ·

Just for a little fun, I was thinking of a couple of ways to reverse a string. This seems like a pretty mundane task, but it could very easily crop up in an interview question.

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Joyent Moves to Establish Node.js Foundation

January 10, 2015  ·

There is a fork of node.js called io.js - I feel they should merge as one, even though io.js is pushing for ES6 sytnax and better performance.