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Ahad Bokhari

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VirtualBox Extended Display for Ubuntu Users

March 03, 2014  ·

I've been using two displays in Windows for as long as I can remember, ever since laptops had standard VGA ports built into them

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Spaced Repetition to Learn How to Program Effectively

February 19, 2015  ·

It takes 10,000 hours to become a master, that's roughly 3 hours a day for the next 10 years. Learn some tricks to significantly cut your time

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OSX - Partial Observations

August 08, 2014  ·

I have however come to notice some intricacies in the OS which I’m trying to get used to

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Sublime Plugins for Front End Devs

March 08, 2015  ·

Sublime Text, a text editor we all love. Blazingly fast, has a HUD for goto anything using [CTRL + P]

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Web Designer & Front End Web Developer - Today's Modern Hybrid

January 01, 2014  ·

Welcome the hybrid; part designer, part developer - a talented person who can design visually, is a Html/CSS guru and yet also has the mindset of a developer.

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Push Through Fear

January 20, 2014  ·

The context I'm using fear in is growth and progression. Progression at work, a new career, project, venture, some code that you're working on

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Looking Back at Javascript in Early 2014

January, 12, 2014  ·

The language of the web, a novelty, ubiquitous and used extensively on the client side

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Think of it as a Business

January 08, 2014  ·

I believe for the first time in our history, entrepreneurship is now a viable career - Eric Ries

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Reboot, Welcome to Jekyll

December, 01, 2013  ·

Every once in while one needs to refresh or reboot their online existence, especially including the area probably frequented most during a netizen’s day.

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Quite the Contrary - Non Responsive Websites Usually Work

September 06, 2013  ·

Media Queries are a hack!?

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The Opposite of What you Know and Do

March 12, 2013  ·

One of the ways to set yourself apart from others is to create value for yourself and learn how to extend that value by learning and doing new things constantly, as a matter of fact it should be a routine part of our lives.

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In the Digital World, Information has no Ego

February 02, 2010  ·

So as we journey in this thing called life, take a look around and start appreciating the information around you. Information will never turn on you when you most need it, it will always be there 24/7/365

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Installing APACHE 2.0.6 / PHP5.2.6 for Windows

May 19, 2008  ·

Installing the Apache server coupled with PHP 5 can sometimes be a daunting task simply because open source technologies are always changing with newer releases, patches, etc, etc.

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October 22, 2007  ·

Hardware and software are the two keys to computing, they exist side by side. The main difference between the two is that the manufacturing of hardware is extremely costly and the barrier of entry will cost you quite a sum of money.

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Dealing With People

June 16, 2007  ·

Abraham Lincoln, the founding father of this country began his carrier by forging political relationships. He was a great communicator and recognized early in his career that words have a powerful impact on people

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