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Ahad Bokhari

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Array Surgery - Part 1, The Essentials

February, 21 2015  ·

Arrays are used to store multiple values in a single variable. They are list-like objects, yet their elements aren't fixed; especially when using the `length` property.

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The Lowest Level of JavaScript Comprehension

February 19, 2015  ·

The way I see it many people who apply for jobs are really not qualified, so it's 99% of programmers who apply for jobs that don't get it, but not the 99% who are actually holding a job as developers or programmers

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How / Why Use Objects in JavaScript?

February 13, 2015  ·

Object oriented Programming (OOP) in JavaScript is based on a simple object-based paradigm. The name shouldn't intimidate you as an understanding of objects is cruicial to understanding JavaScript as a whole.

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Reversing a String With JavaScript

February 11, 2015  ·

Just for a little fun, I was thinking of a couple of ways to reverse a string. This seems like a pretty mundane task, but it could very easily crop up in an interview question.

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Joyent Moves to Establish Node.js Foundation

January 10, 2015  ·

There is a fork of node.js called io.js - I feel they should merge as one, even though io.js is pushing for ES6 sytnax and better performance.

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JavaScript Micro Frameworks, Hypermodularization & Libraries

September 29, 2014  ·

Lately a trend in the JavaScript world has been moving away from JavaScript libraries and popular frameworks like jQuery to using independent libraries for parts of your project.

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Xiaomi - The Apple of the East

January 10, 2014  ·

The point I am getting to is even though Xiaomi blatantly copied Apple, their motive was pure profit and to give China the very best smartphone that they’ve seen; in their eyes they believe that their product is even better than the iPhone itself.

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VirtualBox Extended Display for Ubuntu Users

March 03, 2014  ·

I've been using two displays in Windows for as long as I can remember, ever since laptops had standard VGA ports built into them

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Spaced Repetition to Learn How to Program Effectively

February 19, 2015  ·

It takes 10,000 hours to become a master, that's roughly 3 hours a day for the next 10 years. Learn some tricks to significantly cut your time

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OSX - Partial Observations

August 08, 2014  ·

I have however come to notice some intricacies in the OS which I’m trying to get used to

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Sublime Plugins for Front End Devs

March 08, 2015  ·

Sublime Text, a text editor we all love. Blazingly fast, has a HUD for goto anything using [CTRL + P]

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Web Designer & Front End Web Developer - Today's Modern Hybrid

January 01, 2014  ·

Welcome the hybrid; part designer, part developer - a talented person who can design visually, is a Html/CSS guru and yet also has the mindset of a developer.

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Push Through Fear

January 20, 2014  ·

The context I'm using fear in is growth and progression. Progression at work, a new career, project, venture, some code that you're working on

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Looking Back at Javascript in Early 2014

January, 12, 2014  ·

The language of the web, a novelty, ubiquitous and used extensively on the client side

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Think of it as a Business

January 08, 2014  ·

I believe for the first time in our history, entrepreneurship is now a viable career - Eric Ries